Dr. Lisa Hays

Class Schedule:

   Physiology  and Oceanography

Office Hours:

   My office is in S-103.  My phone number is (408) 274-7900 ext. 6585 .
   I welcome anyone to stop by before class or make an appointment.

My Story:

    I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology Sciences from UC Davis in 1992.
   As an undergraduate I was given the opportunity to work in a laboratory where
   I performed experiments on fish antifreeze glycoproteins.  I enjoyed the thrill of
   scientific research and discovery.  This led me to pursue a Ph. D. in Physiology
   and 6 years later I graduated from UC Davis again - this time with more letters
   after my name!

   As a graduate student I was required to be a Teaching Assistant.  In order to be
   a better teacher, I was involved in several programs on campus that trained me to
   become a college professor.  As I taught more, I began to find that teaching was
   my passion.  In the end, I changed my goal from being a scientist, to being a teacher.
   I love sharing science with my students and trying to help them learn and reach
   their goals. 

    I came to EVC in 1999 after having a few years of experience at Sacramento City
    College and Sierra College.  Besides managing my career as a biology professor,
    I am also married and have triplets (1 girl/ 2boys).  Life is never boring for me.